The Trinity is the “central mystery of the Christian faith,” yet most kids are a little fuzzy on the details. You can begin to remedy that by marking the solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity with your kids.
Some feast days this week
Ideas for your family
  • Take Out: Family Faith on the Go June, featuring our tips for a slowed down summer, is now available online for free.
  • On June 1, we celebrate Mary, Mother of the Church. Since Mary is the mother of Christ, we who are the members of his body — the Church — are her sons and daughters. Mary's obedience gives the Church a perfect example for how to live according to God's will. Set out flowers on your table and gather together to pray a few Hail Mary's as a family.
  • To help kids understand the Trinity, try explaining it this way: Each of us can be a child, sibling, friend, student, have particular hobbies or skills and may one day be parents, spouses, aunts and uncles, and have a job. We are many different people in one sense, but the same person, in reality. How does the complexity of who we are help you to understand the Trinity better?
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Reflect on this Sunday's Gospel
June 7 | The Most Holy Trinity
John 3:16-18: In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains to Nicodemus why God’s Son came into the world: to give us eternal life.

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